CiberBullying reports have increased a 40% during COVID quarantine

April 11, 2020

This shows the hidden behaivour that we could not normally see.

Nowadays everything is online due to the quarantine, online clases, meetups, social events. And because of this we can see how real bullying is since it doen't know about any limits.

CiberBullying reports have increased a 40% during COVID quarantine

There are many potencial dangerous apps that can be used as a bullying tool.

Experts say it is esential to have some kind of protection for minors in their mobiles. Some school are going further than that and they are recommending parents to remove the potential dangerous apps from their children's phones.

In this crazy times that we are living it is esential that we should take care of our loving ones.
And what do you think about it? Should we ban cell phones in class?

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