Game Addiction, how to prevent it for my kid?

February 14, 2020

Mobile phones are part of our daily life and for our children it is something so normal that it may be impossible to think about not having a mobile phone.

Game Addiction, how to prevent it for my kid?

But there are also cases of misuse and abusive use. This issue worries parents, especially the youngest. A concern that has already been listed as dangerously addictive by the OMS in some specific cases.

The good news is that "in half of the cases it is not addiction, just overuse." However, it is very difficult for the other half to break an addiction that is created at such an early age.

There are more and more cases of families who go to specialists because children cannot have a balance between responsibilities, leisure and sleeping hours.

Not only are the consequences reflected in the academic data but it has emotional consequences, usually associated with irritability, anxiety, impulsivity and disconnection from your social group.

Experts point out that supervision is necessary until parents are sure that children can make correct decisions about managing their time.

With OwnSpy you can see the exact moment in which each app is open, the duration of the use and even record the use.

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