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Excess use of Mobile Phone

May 26, 2016

Many young people use the mobile phone excessively. The reasons for the excess use of mobile phones include the ease of communications, the accessibility to all information by one click; interesting games and applications which help a child to spend great time, ease of contacting friends and family.

Excess use of Mobile Phone

The technological advancement brings ease in many ways but also leads to some problems. The issue is how to manage the use of mobile phone in such a manner that you enjoy greater benefits and the disadvantages are minimized. Adults have the ability to manage the use of mobile phones appropriately but children do not have that ability. They indulge in excess use of mobile phone and face many problems. They make the use of mobile phone not just an essential item for communication but instead something that takes control of their life. They start getting influenced by the use; this situation is alarming for the parents.

Children get addicted to the use of mobile phone. Mobile phones provide so many attractions that young minds are unable to stop themselves from these attractive applications. Mobile phones have become a symbol of style. Teenagers struggle with their identity and social status.

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