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Want to spy on your lover? Here is the smart phone way

May 12, 2016

Spying can be a difficult job for most of us but in today’s world of technology everyone is using smartphones so if you are smart enough you will choose a smartphone to spy. A company named OwnSpy produce and sells an app capable to spy which you can monitor text messages, calls and a lot more.

Love is trust and trust is love but sometimes situations may arise when you feel one part of it is missing. The moments your start wondering about the trust that you put into your lover, that’s the moment your faith is dented.

It can be painful when you are not sure that your soulmate is really on the same track of just posing and to make sure one’s mind wants to be sure. This is where spying idea comes in.

OwnSpy offers your phones that will do the job for you. Either you will end up confirming your suspicion or you will give your lover a clean slate.

You can spy on your lover or anyone but with a big BUT because spying surely is illegal. It is punishable by law is you spy on someone without their consent or without informing them. But at the end of the day faith is faith and it needs testing, your conscience should be better judge of the right or wrong that you do. I believe it is better to sure than to remain in a constant pain of not knowing.

Spying will only save you time, relationship can only by saved by loyalty from both ends.

Do not install OwnSpy on someone's phone without his or her explicit consent. Spying on someone without consent is illegal and punishable with jail time.