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Health considerations related to cellphones

March 15, 2016

Cellphone is an unavoidable device for adults, but parents are scared of giving cell phone to their children. Parents are scared that an early exposure to cell phone will cause greater damage to a child’s health. Among the many health concerns following are some major problems that are caused by excess or prolonged use of cell phone:

Cellphones emit radiations
The radio waves emitted by cell phones are very dangerous for children, especially if children are exposed to cell phones at a very early age.

Health considerations related to cellphones

Cellphone rays lead to lack of sleep
The constant use of cell phone either in call, text or browsing causes a user to get tired but the rays effect the sleep pattern. These radio waves cause lack of sleep. A survey shows that four out of five cell-owning teens sleep with their phone on or by their beds. Which affects their sleep pattern and sleep duration.

Texting while driving causes Accidents
It is very dangerous when a person texts while driving. The driver loses his concentration when reading or writing texts, this has caused many severe accidents. Teenagers are risk takers and they think that they can manage multi-tasking, but this multi-tasking sometimes cause serious harm to teenagers health.

Cellphone radiations cause headaches and fatigue
The excess use of cell phones for browsing and social networking cause mental fatigue. By looking at a small screen for a long period of time the mind gets tired. The user feels fatigue and tiredness. These radiations cause headaches and stress the mind of the user.

Cellphone use has a negative impact on eye-sights
The small screen, Small font causes pressure on eyes, and the radiations affect the eyesight of the user. Nowadays most of the children have weak eyesight because they are exposed to cell phone radiations from a very early age.