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Today's smartphones have a GPS chip allowing us to know where we are and follow directions. Using the GPS you can monitor where your kids are at all times, this way you can be confident they stay on safe places or locate them in case of need. If GPS is not available OwnSpy will try to triangulate the device location using cell towers or near WiFi signals. This way you can always locate your device.

Location History

Knowing where your kids were in the past may be crucial sometimes to keep them safe. Their location will be recorded automatically every 10 minutes and you can see where they were on a easy to use map. All the locations will be grouped by place, this way is a lot easier to identify where they were.


Geofencing is a modern technology built-in on the latest smrtphones. It uses a combination of GPS, cell towers and WiFi acces points to know when the device is on the move and saving battery at the same time. By setting some geofences you can be alerted whenever the device enters or exits some place. This way you can set safe places where your kid is allowed to be and be alerted if he or she exits that place.


Sending and receive texts is the fastest way of communication between mobile phones. Despite you can use the smartphone to call to the other party, mobile texts are useful because they are immediate and keep record of the communication. Texting is broadly used among the kids to communicate with their friends, so supervising texts will be needed to be sure your kids are safe.

Address Book

Every mobile phone will keep record of your friends and family in the adress book. You will store all your important contacts there and therefore having a copy of this will be really important to everybody. OwnSpy will keep track of every contact you or your children add to the address book. This way you can be confident not to lose a single contact.

Call History

Call History

Every time you place or receive a call your phone will keep track of it. It will save when and who you call to in the call history database. Tracking call history is really important to have a peace of mind about your kids. You may also use this feature to have a personal copy of your call history accessible from anywhere on your OwnSpy control panel.


Keywords is a very powerful feature since it will allow you to monitor all apps at once. With keywords you can set a predefined keywords list or create a custom one and everytime one of that keywords appears on the device it will be logged and take a screenshot. You can set a sweard words list, or a porn words list or create your custom one and those words will be monitored on every app.

Web History

Web History

Everytime you visit a site it will be registered on the web history. By keeping track of the Web History you will be confident that your kids are browsing the right places and therefore they are safe. Web History is a vital piece of information since we use web browser by almost everything nowadays. From checking our mail to shopping, so visiting a malicious or unsafe places could be dangerous for our privacy.

WhatsApp Monitoring


WhatsApp is one of those apps that almost everybody use. You can chat to anyone for free using this app. Your kids will use this app to communicate with their friends but they could be use it to communicate to the wrong people. Supervising WhatsApp is important to be sure who your kids are talking to.

Live Audio

Live Audio

With OwnSpy you will be able to activate your device microphone from your OwnSpy control panel and listen the device surroundings live. This could be useful if you misplaced the device or if it was stolen so you can try to locate it. Also if your kid has been kidnapped this could be vital information to know more about where he or she is and get information about the kidnapper.



Your photos are very important to you, and your kids. Your kids are taking pictures to anything and they share them like nothing. Tracking pictures is an safety measure to be confident that your kids are not sharing vital things for them and for you. They may not be conscious of sharing important things like your license plate by taking a photo of your car or things like that, but depends on who they are talking to this could be very dangerous. OwnSpy will keep track of every picture taken or saved into the smartphone and you will be able to browse them on the control panel.

Apps Installed

You can see what apps are installed on the device no matter if they have been installed through Google Play or externally. It will list all the apps that are installed on your kid's device, this way you can know how is using its phone or tablet.

App Block

Along the app list you can select which apps you want to block. This way when your child try to open those apps it will receive a message alerting him or her that the app is blocked. Prevent them from using malicious or inadequate apps.

App Usage

App Usage

Everyday there are more and more apps. And your kids will use a lot of them. OwnSpy will keep track of every App used on your iPhone or Android device and it will be registered along the time and date it was opened. This way you can keep track of every app used on your device and how much time was used. This could be useful to be sure your kids are not wasting their time on games or dumb apps


OwnSpy will keep track of every notification received on your device no matter which app triggered it. This way you can know what messages it's being received on any app installed.

Live Camera

OwnSpy will allow you to access the camera remotely and live, you can see what's in front of the device in real time. This way you can know who is using the device in case of the device was stolen or misplaced.

Remote Pictures

Take a picture remotely from the dashboard and receive the image in seconds. You can use the front or rear camera to take the picture. Thanks to this feature you can know where the device is in case of lost.

Call Recording

Call Recording

With OwnSpy you will be able yo record every phone call made or received on your device. You can also select if you want to record all the calls or just select the phone numbers you want to monitor. This way you will be able to store all your conversations on your OwnSpy control panel. Please keep in mind that in some countries you will need to tell to your interlocutor that the call is being recorded.


Monitor Facebook Messenger with OwnSpy and like all the other features you don't need to root your device to monitor Messenger. You will receive all the messages and chats to a comfortable interface for you to supervise it.

Instagram Chats

Monitor the private chats on Instagram without the need of rooting your device. Instagram is a very popular app right now used by millions and their private chats are commonly used among the users.

Keyboard monitor

Keyboard monitor

Everytime you write something on your smartphone it will be registered by OwnSpy and stored on your account. This is useful to track what your kids are saying on any app of your smartphone. You will be able to see the keystrokes along with the time and the app was used on your OwnSpy control panel.

Twitter DM

Monitor the internal chat system of Twitter also called as Direct Messages. Those messages won't appear on the publick timeline and are private between the users. OwnSpy will monitor and log them to the dashboard.


With OwnSpy you will be able to monitor also the KIK messaging app. Similar to WhatsApp or others, KIK allows to chat between users and share pictures. OwnSpy will monitor KIK messages and log them to the dashboard.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording

Select the Apps you want to monitor from the Installed Apps and everytime the app is being used it will record the screen and it will be uploaded to your OwnSpy control panel. With this unique feature you can monitor any app on your device easily. Please keep in mind that recording video will drain your battery quickly.

File Explorer

If you are a power user you can benefit of the new File Explorer feature which will allow you to access the contents of the internal memory and the SD card of your device remotely from your dashboard.

End-to-end encryption End-to-end encryption for your security and ours

OwnSpy will monitor your Android or iPhone right after being installed. There are a lot of features OwnSpy can do but some of them will need you to root your Android device in order for them to work. In order to deliver this information to you we need to do it with all our customer concerns in mind. You store your personal life on your device, photos, messages, phone calls... and your privacy is really important to us. This is why we are the only monitoring app that encrypt your data on your phone before upload it to our servers. This way even if a hacker got access to our servers your data is safe and secure. Only your password will unencrypt your data. So please keep your password safe and do not share it to anyone anytime. Not even us.

Basic plan is now FREE!

Now you can use OwnSpy for free forever with a limited bunch of features. OwnSpy is the only mobile monitoring app that allows you to use it for free. You can monitor your kids, know their whereabouts, the websites they visit and even block certain apps. All of this and more is completely free. If you need more features like Geofencing, WhatsApp, Pictures, etc you can go ahead and upgrade your plan.

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